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Summary of our laboratory

This laboratory carries out research and education on integrated analysis of earth science with viewing the Earth as a system in order to understand a mechanism of the global environmental change and to design sustainable earth and social systems.

This laboratory aims to create a new research and educational discipline and to develop new research techniques with various interdisciplinary approaches such as remote sensing, geology, geophysics, forest science, and ecology.

Summary of research themes

Heat fluxes in an urban area/Lithologic mapping/Subsurface structure of the moon

Remote sensing for Earth and planetary sciences

Remote sensing is used to analyse geologic structures, heat fluxes and types of landcover of the earth and the moon in order to understand their environments and histories.

Subsurface structure of the moon/Design and planning of local communities by local residents

Designing a sustainable Earth and social system

To support and empower citizens in designing and planning
sustainable local communities with renewable energy

Forests damaged by acid rain in the Czech Republic/Root systems of European beech brought down by a storm/Sensitive response of fine roots to soil acidification

Forest belowground ecosystem in a changing environment

Eco-physiological indicators of tree root systems and forest soils are evaluated to clarify the effects of soil acidification and global warming.

Details of this group

  • Earth Environmental Systems Group
  • Geology and Geobiology Group
  • Geochemistry & Cosmochemistry Group
  • Earth and Planetary Physics Group
  • Earth and Planetary Dynamics Group
  • Chronology and Natural History Group
  • Ecology
  • Hydrospheric-Atmospheric Science

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