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Access map

Department of Earth and Planetary Science,Nagoya University
〒464-8601 Furo-cho, Chikusa-ku, Nagoya city

Access to Nagoya University

By Trains

From Nagoya Station (JR, Meitetsu, Kintetsu)

Higashiyama line bound for Fujigaoka, and changes to Meijyo line clockwise at Motoyama station
About 30 min.

From Kanayama Station (JR, Meitetsu)

Meijyo line counterclockwise to Nagoya Univ. Station
About 25 min.

By Airplane

From Centrair Airport
Use the Meitetsu line and change to the subway at either Shin-Nagoya or Kanayama Stations.
About 30 min.

Printable map

Map of Nagoya University

Printable map

Access to our department

From Nagoya Daigaku Station

To Science Building E

Go straight to Post office from exit no. 2 of Nagoya Daigaku Station
Turn right at the traffic sign and go straight 100 m

To Environmental Building

200m Post office from exit no. 2 of Nagoya Daigaku Station

  • Earth Environmental Systems Group
  • Geology and Geobiology Group
  • Geochemistry & Cosmochemistry Group
  • Earth and Planetary Physics Group
  • Earth and Planetary Dynamics Group
  • Chronology and Natural History Group
  • Ecology
  • Hydrospheric-Atmospheric Science

For undergraduates
who hope to join our



Graduate School of Environmental Studies

Graduate School of Science ⁄ School of Science

Hydrospheric Atmospheric Science