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Faculty members

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Earth Environmental Systems Group

Name Occupation e-mail address
Yasushi YAMAGUCHI Professor
Masao TAKANO Professor
Yasuhiro HIRANO Associate Professor

Geochemistry & Cosmochemistry Group

Name Occupation e-mail address
Koshi YAMAMOTO Professor
Hiroshi HIDAKA Professor
Koichi MIMURA Associate Professor
Yasuhiro HIRAHARA Associate Professor
Yoshihiro ASAHARA Lecturer

Geology & Geobiology Group

Name Occupation e-mail address
Simon WALLIS Professor
Makoto TAKEUCHI Professor
Atsushi UJIHARA Associate Professor
Seiji HAYASHI Lecturer
Itsuki SUTO Associate Professor
Marc Andre HUMBLET G30 Associate Professor
Yui KOUKETSU Assistant Professor

Earth & Planetary Physics Group

Name Occupation e-mail address
Sei-ichiro WATANABE Professor
Hiroyuki KUMAGAI Professor
Hiroaki KATSURAGI Associate Professor
Sin-iti SIRONO Associate Professor
Tomokatsu MOROTA Assistant Professor

Eath & Planetary Dynamics Group

Name Occupation e-mail address
Muneyoshi FURUMOTO Professor
Kosyun YAMAOKA Professor
Takeshi SAGIYA Professor
Keiichi TADOKORO Associate Professor
Yoshiko YAMANAKA Associate Professor
Chihiro HASHIMOTO Associate Professor
Aitaro KATO Associate Professor
Takeo ITO Lecturer
Toshiko TERAKAWA Lecturer
Yuta MAEDA Assistant Professor

Chronology & Natural History Group

Name Occupation e-mail address
Toshio NAKAMURA Professor
Hidekazu YOSHIDA Professor
Tatsuo OJI Professor
Masaki ENAMI Professor
Masayo MINAMI Associate Professor
Takenori KATO Associate Professor
Kazuhiro TSUKADA Associate Professor
Sachiko NISHIDA Associate Professor
Seiji KADOWAKI Lecturer
Hirotaka ODA Assistant Professor
Shinichi FUJIWARA Assistant Professor
  • Earth Environmental Systems Group
  • Geology and Geobiology Group
  • Geochemistry & Cosmochemistry Group
  • Earth and Planetary Physics Group
  • Earth and Planetary Dynamics Group
  • Chronology and Natural History Group
  • Ecology
  • Hydrospheric-Atmospheric Science

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